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Stories - General-Interest

Stories are arranged by the last one received. The last 50 are displayed. Others may be found by using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Recent Works
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by Jeff Holt
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by Jacqueline Ives
by Susan Brown
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by Mervin H. Dochterman
by Eric Siedzikowski
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by phoenix
by Alan Reed
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by Rachel Brown
by Megan Johnston

Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
10-11-04 7+ Eric, Olympic Champion, yet so much more.
  by Paula Tsvayg
10-02-04 10+ The Lonely Sand Dollar
  by tigerlilly
09-22-04 10+ Behind Closed Eyes
  by Len Mcintosh
09-22-04 13+ Truth Be Told
  by Aaron Schmookler
09-20-04 13+ Love in the age of Bandits - A User's Guide
  by Aaron Schmookler
09-09-04 13+ The lion and the pup --- edited
  by Paula Tsvayg
09-05-04 10+ A Curse From The Heavens...
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
09-04-04 10+ Loved Pet Blossom (true story)
  by whitedragon
08-21-04 10+ Johnny's Mental Aritmetic
  by Gregory Christiano
08-16-04 10+ The Diary of a Dying Kitten
  by Paula Tsvayg
08-05-04 10+ Andrea ----- the edited and changed version with a surprise confrontation
  by Paula Tsvayg
Contest Winner 07-31-04 10+ Good Things Take Time
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
07-30-04 10+ Careful what you say
  by Paula Tsvayg
07-29-04 7+ Dreams do come true
  by Paula Tsvayg
07-29-04 7+ High School Dreams
  by tigerlilly
07-24-04 10+ why you should tie your shoes
  by Paula Tsvayg
07-23-04 7+ it was just a normal day
  by Paula Tsvayg
07-23-04 10+ Best Sisters
  by Katie Moss
07-22-04 10+ moving on
  by Paula Tsvayg
06-28-04 18+ The Telephone Club
  by Traci Schefdore
Contest Winner 06-25-04 1+ How To: Making an Avatar
  by Victoria Medley
Contest Winner 06-20-04 7+ Anne Boleyn
  by Victoria Medley
06-07-04 10+ The Music Within
  by Emily Garwood
05-25-04 7+ Magnas Nytt Amerikansk Liv
  by tigerlilly
05-05-04 13+ The Meadow Behind of the Mere - Story 1 - The Rescue
  by Leah Garrison
04-28-04 18+ Fling In The Jungle
  by tigerlilly
04-25-04 1+ ~^Strawberry^~
  by tigerlilly
Contest Winner 04-22-04 10+ How to Fail a Date
  by Riley Mackenzie
Contest Winner 04-18-04 16+ Wedding Letter Blues
  by Leah Garrison
04-10-04 10+ Same Old C...... New Day
  by Walter Jones
02-26-04 13+ First Job Jitters
  by Stefanie Mendoza
02-21-04 13+ baby it's cold outside
  by Jenny Stein
01-28-04 16+ Hospital lights
  by Alyse Marie Chinnock
01-22-04 18+ When I Got Home
  by Brianne Boychuk
01-22-04 13+ Today's The Day
  by Brianne Boychuk
01-18-04 10+ Dream or Dracula?
  by Kira Prime
01-16-04 13+ After the Battle
  by Kira Prime
01-09-04 7+ The Bonfire and the Stupid Horse
  by Jessica May
01-05-04 4+ The Art of Communication?
  by Walter Jones
01-03-04 10+ Distractions
  by Joan Jotz
12-27-03 10+ Pre-Video & Post Video
  by Moses Hochstetler
12-17-03 1+ Moving Day. Not true.
  by Sarah Hancock
12-12-03 13+ Jacob's Pillar Stone
  by Moses Hochstetler
12-08-03 10+ Poetry Contests
  by Moses Hochstetler
11-26-03 1+ Re: Pay Pal Scam
  by Heather Jackson
11-23-03 10+ Foundations of Praise and Confidence
  by Moses Hochstetler
10-30-03 1+ Etsaphtoot
  by Riley Mackenzie
10-28-03 13+ Ephemeral Memory
  by Shannon Jaime
10-10-03 4+ The Selfish Giant and the Three Golden Dragons
  by Pepper Basham
10-04-03 10+ I Married A Werewolf!
  by Gregory Christiano
Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
09-21-03 7+ The Showdown
  by Gregory Christiano
09-19-03 13+ Once there was a student teacher
  by Walter Jones
09-11-03 13+ "luna"
  by Sarah Hancock
09-07-03 7+ Why We Write
  by Gregory Christiano
09-03-03 7+ White Lies! (A Dialogue)
  by Gregory Christiano
08-31-03 7+ Ginny's Most Embarrassing Moment
  by Heather Czigan
08-22-03 10+ The Rovers' Return
  by Dawn Staple
08-21-03 10+ A Feline's Diamond Necklace
  by Dawn Staple
08-16-03 10+ Motivation Is A Very Personal Thing
  by Dawn Staple
08-13-03 10+ Don't Worry About Me - I'm Just A Pussycat!
  by Dawn Staple
08-12-03 7+ Love and Peace!
  by Sarah Hancock
08-07-03 18+ The Governator
  by Andrea Jeanette DiGiantomasso
07-20-03 10+ Taking Time To Smell the Roses
  by Moses Hochstetler
07-09-03 13+ omahahaha(remembering a concert)
  by Jenny Stein
07-03-03 13+ Thhoughtfull
  by Jenny Stein
06-30-03 10+ Friends for life
  by Toni Sweeney
06-18-03 10+ cinna the poets resume ( from the shakespeare thing)
  by Jenny Stein
06-18-03 1+ ive always wanted to be the little mermaid that everyone loved
  by Jenny Stein
06-17-03 10+ im underground because
  by Jenny Stein
06-15-03 10+ A Scary Story
  by Serenity Crystal
05-29-03 18+ Bad Deal
  by Walter Jones
05-25-03 13+ Crimson Rain
  by Shannon Jaime
05-23-03 13+ Sunny Side Up
  by Moses Hochstetler
04-27-03 18+ Of New York and Our National Character
  by Gregory Christiano
04-22-03 18+ Thumper
  by Gregory Christiano
04-21-03 4+ What's In A Name?
  by Gregory Christiano
04-19-03 10+ RIDING THE HIGH TRACKS - A Trip on the Third Avenue El
  by Gregory Christiano
04-02-03 4+ Up in the Great Big Sky
  by Pepper Basham
04-01-03 4+ The Winter Quilt
  by Pepper Basham
03-20-03 10+ About Panic Attacks
  by Robert Betts
03-16-03 4+ A Big Thank You to Bob!
  by Betty Eskdale
03-01-03 18+ God's Work, God's Way
  by Pepper Basham
02-25-03 13+ The Most Valuable Price to Pay
  by Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli
02-17-03 13+ An Honest Account of the Death of Johnny Ringo By Dr. John Henry Holliday
  by Nan Jacobs
02-16-03 10+ Guardian of the 10 Planets I
  by Jasmine Hicks
02-12-03 16+ Missed Connection - An Online Personals Ad
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-11-03 18+ Strushle Jock
  by Eddie Bruce
02-06-03 13+ My Two Greeks
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-05-03 13+ Simone - Movie Review
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-04-03 10+ It'll All Be Just Glass
  by Haley Thistle
01-31-03 4+ PNP USER'S GUIDE: HOW TO POST OR EDIT A DOCUMENT (for Windows users and Beginners)
  by Nan Jacobs
01-30-03 13+ In The First
  by Aaron Schmookler
01-29-03 10+ Notes for different happenings in life
  by Walter Jones
01-25-03 7+ Lost After Being Kidnapped
  by Kattie Reinhart
01-23-03 13+ Drag Out the Clowns
  by Aaron Schmookler
01-21-03 10+ A Day at The Fair
  by Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli
01-21-03 13+ War on Jupiter
  by Pamela Mccray
01-19-03 10+ HOW TO BE THE BEST MOMMIE ON YOUR BLOCK (and go insane!)
  by Cristina Lipp
01-18-03 10+ As the Leaves Fall
  by Dian Bagent
01-11-03 13+ On Writing Tripe
  by Bob Church

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