By Jordan Screws (Age: 24)
Copyright 12-21-2005

After meeting with the mysterious boy known as Jordan, Usagi, Ami, and Makoto had a parley, the result being Makoto volunteering to spy on him. This was a logical step, since she had become the newcomer’s girlfriend. What secrets was he hiding? Was he an agent of evil or a potential ally?

After the impromptu talk, Usagi, Ami and Makoto made their way back to class to find things as normal as they could be. Classmates were slowly filtering in, more or less ready for more hours of instruction in their subjects. The sound of the bell signaled the starting of class, the class in question being English. It was one of many subjects Usagi dreaded, Makoto was lukewarm towards, and Ami determined to excel in, for her dream was to become a doctor like her mother. William Shakespeare’s Macbeth was the focus, and the teacher began his lecture.

In a daze akin to inebriation, Usagi looked about at her many classmates. Makoto’s face was fixed on Jordan and following his every motion, a possible indication that she may have found a long-term boyfriend at last. Ami’s face exhibited the burning determination to succeed and surpass all challenges in her way, and to this end she appeared to pinning her future on every word Miss Haruna said. Umino (Melvin), the other class genius and a certified oddball, was listening to the instructor as well but also paid attention to Naru (Molly), one of Usagi’s best friends outside of her Senshi group. Naru in turn noticed Usagi and smiled. Usagi returned the gesture and then focused on the mysterious Jordan.

His arms were folded and his eyes were closed as if he were deep in thought. What she found even more odd was that he had a slight smile! “What is he up to? Is he planning something bad?!” thought Usagi. Her musings were interrupted with a jolt when Miss Haruna’s voice bellowed “You in the cloak! Pay attention!” and the class turned to look at him. as if rising to the implied challenge, he opened his eyes and responded “But I was, Miss Haruna. I heard every word and concept you spoke of…”

Everyone gasped, for few challenged her and managed to escape unscathed. She then began a barrage of questions, seeming detemined to put this insolent student in his place.

“All right then… how did Macbeth obtain the title Thane of Cawdor? And what is its significance?” she asked.

He responded “Macbeth obtained the Thane of Cawdor title upon the hanging of the previous one, who was executed for leading a rebellion. And the title is mostly ceremonial, but it is also one of the three witches’ prophecies…”

“Good. What goddess do the three witches worship?”

“Hecate, the Greek goddess of dark magic.”

The questions went on and on, the two dueling like two swordsmen. For every question she had, Jordan seemed to have the exact answer. The battle continued for many minutes as the students listened breathlessly to every word exchanged.

Miss Haruna admitted defeat by smiling and saying “You are SUPERB! You answered every question! I apologize for accusing you of not paying attention.” Jordan magnanimously replied “I accept. You were merely performing your duty, and I cannot bear a grudge for that…”

After the battle of wits between student and teacher, class was not quite the same. All minds were on that epic event, especially the inconcievable notion that a student would actually WIN. After classes for the day ended, Jordan strode forth a to his locker, with the rest of his classmates reverently following. He reached his locker, retrieved books necessary for study, and turned about to walk away but almost walked into the mass of classmates behind him.

“How… HOW did you do that?!” asked Naru.

Umino added “It is unbelievable! You managed to answer her questions until she admitted defeat!”

“I study all subjects extensively, sometimes for four-six hours a day. I also maintained my composure and did not let her intimidate me” calmly replied Jordan, his voice devoid of any trace of bragging.

“You study like Ami!” cried out Usagi. “Don’t you take a break to eat or watch television?”

“I do not overly concern myself with such trivial things. Not until the task is done…” he stoically answered.

“Are you serious? Are you even human?!” cried Usagi.

“You definitely study more than I do…” said Umino in a humbled voice.

“Nothing can stand in the way of my success! Even if trivial affairs such as eating go neglected, victory MUST be mine…” declared Jordan with a twinge of defiance, as if he were defying the laws governing ordinary mortals.

“Well… you can be Ami and Umino’s rival!” chirped Naru. “Besides, they don’t need to get complacent…” she added. With that, everyone except Usagi, Ami and Makoto departed. Makoto eyed Jordan and asked “Care to go to the arcade with us?” Jordan heistated a second, then replied “Very well. I shall accompany you. Let us see if this arcade has merit.” Usagi clutched her head, spun about and shouted “You’re so serious! WHAT’S THE DEAL?!”

A few minutes later, the quartet headed to the Crown Arcade, their favorite place to meet and hang out before heading home. Usagi dashed towards a flashing pad with speakers surrounding the screen. “A Dance Dance Revolution machine… superb!” declared Jordan as he hurriedly walked to it. He inserted the required money and began a game, selecting Heavy difficulty. He began the first song and danced to the beat, rarely missing a step, and the same with the second. Come the third song, he showed no signs of tiring, even though he had selected two fast songs in succession.

“He’s definitely skilled…” muttered Makoto. The third song began, it being titled “Abyss”. As the beat started, Jordan’s blue cloak moved almost like a partner, conforming to his every motion. At the end, Jordan made two AA rankings and an A ranking, earning him a bonus stage! “Excellent! Now let the contest continue…” Jordan stated to the machine. He chose the song “Speed Over Beethoven” and began a fast dance once more. He came out on top, his glasses fogged but his score incredibly high!

He stepped off the pad after entering his initials, seemingly unaffected by four fast dances in a row. Usagi, Ami and Makoto continued their activites while Jordan stood and recovered. After two hours of arcade activity, the group scattered and left for their homes, Jordan walking with Makoto to hers. They engaged in idle chatter, Makoto trying to learn anything new about this extraordinary boy she could call a boyfriend. But despite her best efforts, he remained guarded and mysterious.

“What could he be hiding? He seems nice enough, but he’s so… secretive about his feelings! Ah, who cares! He’s my boyfriend!” gleefully thought Makoto as she stepped in her doorway. She then called Usagi and Ami and told them that she could learn nothing from him. “Very well. There will be other opportunities. Keep trying!” said Ami.

Several hours later…

It was a typical night for the Scouts. The Inner Senshi had gathered and was searching out evil via Ami’s mini-computer. All appeared to be well until they entered a back alley that was emitting a strange crimson mist. The five Senshi (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) walked into the middle of a clearing, where the mist then formed a circle around them. From the crimson mist came a horde of jet-black, scythe-clawed demons!

The Senshi were caught off guard by the horde that appeared from nowhere. They were surrounded with no hope of escape and little chance of survival. “Don’t give up, everyone! There’s always a way out!” stammered Sailor Moon.

Just then, a voice replied “And here it is!” as a slender blue crescent beam turned sideways came out of nowhere and hit several of the demons, cutting them in half. A demon leaped towards the source of the voice, only to be sliced down the middle! A figure stepped from the shadows and remarked “Guess he wasn’t cut out for his work…” The savior was clad in blue armor resembling Mega Man X’s and sported a blue cloak!

The demons focused their attention on this new figure and attacked en masse. He was ready with a series of swings in an attack called “Wind Saber Sonata” and shredded them into so much black confetti! The last demon made a lunge for Sailor Jupiter, who braced herself for the impact of the scythe-like claws. However, the lunging creature was caught in the escapeproof embrace of death, for its head rolled to Jupiter’s feet!

“He’s definitely not a headstrong one!” remarked the figure, who then laughed at his own macabre joke.

“Who are you?!” screeched Mars, ready to attack with her Flame Sniper.

“Hold you fire Mars! He seems to be friendly…” Mercury declared.

“Good one Mercury! He’s very cute…” chimed in Venus.

“Who are you anyway?” calmly asked Sailor Moon.

Putting away his beam saber, the figure replied “I am a champion of justice, much like yourselves. I think the green-clad one knows my true identity…”

Jupiter took a hard look at his face, then said “I don’t know him…” In response, he retracted his blue visor to reveal his eyes.

She screamed “Jordan?! Is that you?!”

He replied “Why yes, dear Makoto! It is I, Jordan!”

Sailor Moon stared until recognized him and Mercury also saw the resemblance to the mysterious youth who was also a friend of hers. Mars viewed Jordan with suspicion, but Venus said “I knew he was cute! Say Jordan, are you single?” Jupiter said “Back off, Venus! He’s mine!” and proceeded to grapple with her.

Jordan simply blushed and remarked “Calm down! My friendship is open to everyone! Even the red one that regards me with so much suspicion…” With that, everyone went down the line and introduced themselves. With the introductions aside, Jordan stared at the full moon and declared “It’s marvelous how beautiful it is…” Jupiter embraced him and said “Now that you’ve met everyone and shown your skills, let’s join forces! Is that OK Sailor Moon?”

“No problem here… I want some doughnuts!” declared the leader.

“What are doughnuts Mercury? Are they any good?” asked Jordan.

“It’s a long story…” interrupted Jupiter. “You have a lot to learn about us, and you can start now!” said Makoto as the group of friends walked away to find some doughnuts before it was too late…

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 01-26-2006 Toni Sweeney

lol…dounoghts….that is so like Serena. I am glad that I am getting the story. I am now understanding the first story I read. I’m with Sammy, so far this has been and interesting story…but then again I started from the end and am making my way to the beginning. Oh well. It is still really good. I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Toni Sweeney