By Robert Betts (Age: 63)
Copyright 10-12-2006

Lately I’ve taken up a new hobby. My apartment was rather dull and plain and I had no idea what to do to give it some personality until I hit on the idea of collection Sailor Moon-related items. This includes anything directly Sailor Moon such as dolls and indirectly such as bunnies or stars and moon decorated items. Also in the live action series Usagi collects bunnies so I added bunnies too. Frankly they are easier to find.

As of 10/15/06 I have two Sailor Moon dolls, two Sailor Moon posters, a moon and stars futon cover, moon and stars sheets, a bunny pillow, a bunny cutting board, bunny lamp, bunny paintings, four stuffed bunnies and MANY ceramic and stoneware bunnies. More is being added all the time.

The collection is shown here:
Sailor Moon & Bunnies (Usagi) Collection

More (real) Bunnies

I’ve looked without luck for a set of dinnerware with either bunnies or a stars and moon pattern, preferably not in the center of the plate where they would be covered by food. Around the outer edge would be better. Anyone seen such a thing and know where I could find this?

I would also be interested in any other unique bunny or moon and stars items.


11/03/06 Update:

I did find some dinnerware as well as many more items that you can see on

I regret that I have had to password protect the above site. The reason is that Jennifer Yeisley, Elly Winters, Shizzy Franch and their band of LiveUrinal psychpoaths stole images from the above collection that I wanted to share with friends. They defaced the images, adding libelous captions then posted them on LiveUrinal. The protection is also for other members of that site that psychos might alse libel and steal their images. It is unfortunate that such people exist and breathe polluting the air that all of us must breathe.

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10-21-2008 Alexandra Spencer

All my sailor moon toys come from Ebay dvds, magazines, lockets, all sorts of stuff even books.

The prices are really good, I don’t live in America so the the shipping is pretty expensive, but your collection is bloody brilliant.

07-01-2007 Lee Hirst

Most of my collection comes from Ebay. I try to get complete sets of plushes. The prices are marked up but what can you do.

I bought all the English Manga series from Amazon. The prices are not too bad. I find if you check back on those site periodically you can find some deals.

I looked at your site. You have quite a good collection. Keep up the good work.

11-03-2006 Robert Betts

Ebay is where I found the Sailor Moon dolls. There is a lot more to be found at Ebay but some of it can be rather expensive. Most of the items I have were purchased from local thrift shops. The vast majority cost less than $2 each.

11-03-2006 Tricia Woods

try looking on ebay ^_^
they usually have lots there!