By Andrea Carter Salas (Age: 35)
Copyright 04-14-2016

To be frank, I’m not very good at writing poetry. I tend to just write whatever comes flowing out from whatever thoughts I might have at the time.

As of right now, I want t​o share a little bit of what I’ve been feeling for the past two days. Mourning. I know I am much delayed in sharing this mourning with you all because of the fact that our great founder of Prose-n-Poetry (and friend) had passed away 1 1/2 years ago. To be honest, I am very upset with myself. I should have made more of an effort to visit Prose-n-Poetry during the last few years, and contribute *something*. It is a guilt that will never get the chance to escape from me, because I never got the chance to say goodbye to Bob, or even get to talk to him. And that is a pain that I don’t think will ever go away.

Two days ago, I left Bob a message on Yahoo Messenger (before finding out about his passing), wanting to know about this article that I had found on PnP: ​/display_work/21046

I admit I have been absent more so than I’d realized, and did not know that he was having trouble with others about the Sailor Moon content that he was already hosting on his websites. The above article in question happening back in 2009/10 just makes me wonder why it took me this long to find out about all of Bob’s troubles… 6 or 7 years later. Or wondering why anyone would steal and not give credit to the website that they took from is mind boggling to me, not to mention upsetting. I was very sad to have realized that Sailor Moon is no longer on PnP and in my opinion, one of the reasons why PnP was so popular. I’m hoping that we can somehow get our members back by miraculously bringing the Sailor Moon files back to PnP… if it’s even possible. I mean, that was literally thousands upon thousands of pictures among other things. I myself had uploaded several of them myself. I really don’t know exactly what direction I’m taking this “story” or where it’s going to go next, I guess I just needed a place to let out my thoughts, my frusterations, and anger. Plus the fact that Sailor Moon is no longer a part of PnP is pretty upsetting for me. I can’t speak for anyone else. I think that if the new owner can find a better way to host all of those pictures again, and do like what Bob did from years back, make the image gallery a paid members only feature to help with the costs of running the website AND protecting itself from other would-be thieves would be pretty miraculous.

I don’t know if this is still true, but I’m quoting this from Bob located at the end of the previously mentioned article (link above) so I hope I don’t get in trouble for quoting part of what he said:

“All Sailor Moon files are now in password protected areas. There are a number of members who have been on this site for years and who I know can be trusted. I am working on ways to be able to continue to provide files but it will take some time to design ways to block the pathological liars and psychopaths yet allow the rest of you in. This will NOT be easy, but it is either that or block all the Sailor Moon Material entirely. If anyone has any ideas of how we can screen people I would be interested in knowing about it.


I don’t know if what he had said, about the files being password protected, is still true, I hope it is because at least we would know that all of the Sailor Moon content still exists. But I don’t know if there’s still anyone on here that knows anything about this. If you do, I would be delighted to find out. I would really love to see Sailor Moon returning to PnP!! After all, we have Sailor Moon Crystal now in its 3rd season 🙂 This would be a perfect opportunity to get back our members.

I don’t know if my ranting is nothing more than wishful thinking, but what I really would like to see is Prose-n-Poetry returning to its former glory. I really do want to see Prose-n-Poetry come back to life and to keep Bob’s PnP legacy alive in his memory. I hope you all feel the same way as I do.