“Hot romance isn’t something you write. It’s something you experience and then relive through the most appropriate phrases.”


D. Rudoy

Hot romance is the way to go: what’s the point in holding hands if you can put them to good use? And who’d know it better than the wizards of writing who succeed at a seemingly impossible task and create the intense visual impact of a motion picture by using a lot less than a thousand words? Here are some of the steamiest romance novels’ excerpts from modern poet and writer D. Rudoy who doesn’t give up the literary value even in exchange for the best sex.

Martina Flawd — a steamy high-school reunion

The thing about D. Rudoy is that… Well, let’s put it this way: if there’s a lot of something in his story, you can bet that the story is all about something else. Take Martina Flawd, for instance. The novel has just about enough steamy sex scenes to qualify as red-hot erotica, and yet the book isn’t even about love! We’re still trying to figure out what it’s all about (although we did rule out lucid dreaming because there’s a lot of that in the story, too), but here are some of the novel’s steamiest excerpts (make sure you don’t read them if you haven’t turned 18 yet!)

Chloe: a warm-up by the bonfire

She put her arms on me as soon as I began moving my lips closer, and then we kissed as if neither of us wanted this night to end. Her breathing came in irregular intervals, sometimes so unexpectedly that I would forget to breathe myself. This time, it was everything it wasn’t with Emmanuelle’s mother. Chloe was greedy for me and couldn’t have enough, giving me more passion in five minutes than I had gotten since dawn. And I was not in a rush to extrapolate the trajectory, but it quickly became too much to withstand.

When I took her panties off, she was already wet, so I proceeded without further ado. She must have taken several gulps of hard liquor before returning because she had grown much drunker since we began. It took at least twenty minutes of hard, uninterrupted action before she began showing the signs of approaching orgasm, but each time she was about to enter the level where it was inevitable her muscles contracted involuntarily, making her lose focus and letting the magic slip. I considered finishing her off orally, but then a serendipitous brush of my hand over her thigh revealed an erogenous zone that worked well with the position we were in, and within a few more minutes she was ready. I was surprised at the longevity of her orgasm, her legs clenching behind my back, but it seemed neither particularly strong nor particularly bright. I gave her a minute or two of gentle pushes and tugs after she was done before bringing us to a complete halt, and by then she was as relaxed as if she had just woken up from a nine-hour-long sleep.

Gina: a spark in the dark

I can’t say I liked Gina better than any other attractive girl on this campus, yet I acted as if she were Molly herself. Her underwear was very tight, clearly a calculated decision, and I kept it on as my right hand took its place within it. She danced on my fingers for a while, offering me the other parts of her body that wanted attention, and I gave it willingly, sending her into convulsions when a glide of my tongue hit something special in the middle of her rib cage. My underwear hand was inundated, and I replaced it with a superior substitute, proceeding with hunger, gusto, and class.

At first, she tried to prove herself a leader, but she soon realized she’d be better off following. I must have tried ten different positions in the next ten minutes, finding something rewarding in each but being evaded by a sensation to match the scorching lust that flourished in me. It was as if this time, instead of holding a flame inside, my body had turned into one itself. Ravenous, I slid my middle finger all the way in along what was already there, and as I began massaging her petals with my thumb, she uttered a series of loud groans that provided everyone scurrying around in the dark with an example to emulate. She came within a minute, bursting into a cascade of quivers and almost screaming until I withdrew my finger and put it over her lips, where she bit it with her sharp teeth and enveloped it with her hot tongue while I searched for her other erogenous zones, staying deep and continuing my careful spiraling movements.

“Are you a Taoist?” she asked later when she’d caught her breath.

“Never have been. Why?”

“Every man comes after having sex with me,” she declared in a slighted tone.

“That’s probably not good news,” I chuckled. “I bet they all did it first.”

Beatrice: hot romance gone scorching

“I’ll let you do anything you want; how about that?” Beatrice continued, looking me in the eyes with fierce intensity. “I’m very kinky, and if I don’t make the man come twice I don’t count it as sex.”

“That makes you an excellent lay,” I said didactically, suddenly sensing great danger. “And on top of that, you’re smoking hot. But, much as I’d love to take advantage of this, I’d already made up my mind. I won’t have sex with anyone until sunrise on Sunday.”

“You’ve always been a good boy, Courage,” she continued, and her tone made me shiver. “I bet you’ve never come inside a woman. Or have you, naughty boy? You can come inside me, too. What do you like better: to come into the pussy, or to come into the ass? Will you come inside my ass, please?” she said imploringly. “I will lick off every drop of cum that clings to your dick and swallow it.”

“This dirty talk coming from you …” I rasped, trying to rearrange my thinking. Her voice crawled inside my consciousness, igniting every cell responsible for arousal. “It’s beyond fabulous.”

“But that’s what I want to do!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet with grace a panther could envy. “I wanna be a bitch you use as you like. Don’t you want to use this body of mine? Come on; take a peek.” She threw her head back and bent down, pulling her dress above her hips. “You like it?”

She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

And what about Molly?

Not so fast, you naughty lover of hot romance! We deliberately kept the title character out of the bedroom to avoid an accidental spoiler in case you’re wondering what else could be happening in a novel with so many sexual partners (these steamy excerpts are just a prelude to what’s really going on there). So if you’re curious, get yourself Kindle Unlimited if you haven’t already and read Martina Flawd for free on amazon.com!

A Million for Eleanor — when hot romance becomes revenge

OK, we double-cheated here. A Million for Eleanor is not a romance novel but a mystery thriller novella, but we honestly can’t think of another book that’s more “all about sex” than this one. And, what makes it really interesting, is that the following sex scene is the only one in the entire story (in case you’re after love-making scenes alone). The rest is written in a Henry Jamesian style reminiscent of the 1920-s, so finding out that the plot is set in 2010 comes as a slight shock, but then again, there are plenty of steamiest excerpts in classical romance novels as well!

Eleanor: an ice-queen melts

“Are you not well?” Eleanor whispered worriedly, still not turning around. “You’re pale as death.”

Not answering, he stepped toward her and put his hands on her shoulders, his lips lingering over her hair. She turned to face him and put her hand on his chest, her fingers sliding under the jacket’s lapels and making their way to the buttons of his shirt. When she touched his skin he realized he had held his breath for too long and was now suffocating. He inhaled greedily, and it helped him. The distracting sensations started to wear off, growing more vague and distant with every moment, while Eleanor herself was consuming more and more of his attention. Her eyes were shining with the very shade of blue that made his heart stop and, inspired by this recollection, he enclosed her in his arms and pressed his lips onto hers.

Without letting him go, Eleanor drew him toward the bedroom, simultaneously releasing herself from her dress like a snake from its skin. When they got there, he took off his clothes in a few resolute movements and, with Eleanor still in his arms, fell on the bed. He pressed his body onto hers, surprised by how firm she felt, and dived into her like into the Mariana Trench; but his feelings remained stale even then. Hot waves of electrified current rushed through his body along with its movements but he was indifferent to them, waiting for Eleanor’s face to be enlightened with the most profound rapture a mortal woman was capable of. And he was prepared to wait for it as long as it would be necessary, no matter how much more disappointment he would have to endure before that.

Hot Romance & Steamiest Romance Novels’ Excerpts — to be continued!

Hot romance has definitely been on the rise recently as a genre of love-oriented literature, and we expect even more steam to come out in the future. We hope you liked our steamiest romance novels excerpts by an author who isn’t ashamed of healthy sexuality and readily shares it with his readers. Read even more hot romance and steamiest novels excerpts on amazon.com!

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