By Lisa DiNunzio
Copyright 03-11-2002

She was a wonderful mother,
Sister, lover and friend,
She always wore a friendly
Smile from the start of the
Day till the end.

She worked very hard to
Make a living,
She had such a kind heart
And was always giving.

She never hesitated to
Help someone in need,
She could always be
Found doing a good deed.

She loved her work
And the people she met,
It meant more then a
Paycheck and getting
Out of debt.

To her waitressing was
Not just a job,
She felt blessed to serve
Others, until the day she
Was robbed.

He held her by gun point
As she pleaded for life,
She wanted to carry on being
a mother, friend and wife.

His eyes crazed and wild
Looking for his next fix,
Making people fear him
Is how he got his kicks.

Give me all your money,
and don’t forget the ring,
She handed the items to him
Quickly without holding
Back a thing.

She thought this man would
Now surely take his leave,
But what happened next was
Very hard for her to conceive.

He pulled the trigger
Not once but twice,
For his sin she was the
One to pay the price.

She fell to the ground and
as she lied there and bled,
Another innocent soul was
taken, this lady in red.

© Lisa Ann DiNunzio
March 9, 2002


Who has the right to take a life?
There is no reason good enough to
murder someone. No excuse good enough
to hide behind. Like the lady in this poem
so many people are murdered each year,
and so many lives shattered because of
the violence in this world.
That is what prompted me to write this poem…

For all the victims…for all their friends
And family… my heart goes out to you!

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 06-06-2005 Anthony Lane Stahlhut

Your poems are mini story’s that pull at the heart. You paint pretty pictures with your words and I always enjoy your works. Hope you come back and write more someday! Anthony

03-15-2002 Betty Eskdale

Well said, Lisa!

03-12-2002 Esther Spurrill

Very sad…

03-12-2002 Peggy Bertrand

So true a message well told.

03-12-2002 Maralee Gerke

This is so real that I thought it must have happened to you family. You did a good job.

03-12-2002 John Mcleod

Another interesting poem Lisa that speaks of the way the world is today.