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Gallery: Droids
Droids (sometimes called “monsters of the day”) appear in several episodes of the second half of Sailor Moon R. They are minions of the Black Moon Clan and they fight against the Sailor Senshi, though they are easily defeated. Esmiralda’s Droids are manufactured by Sapphire using the Black Crystal. The Droids work under the Four Sisters (the 1st seven), Esmiralda (the last eight Droids), or, more rarely, Wise Man (the eighth Droid, Jakoku).

I am trying to incorporate all of the English names of the Droids in addition to the Japanese. However, since I haven’t watched the North American version of Sailor Moon since I was very young, I don’t remember their English names and need some help filling them in. So, if you would email the ones you KNOW to me (or corrections to the ones I have listed), it would be a great help and much appreciated!

This gallery bio was taken in part from The Oracle: https://soul-hunter.com/sailormoon/.