By Robert Betts (Age: 63)
Copyright 07-28-2001


For those of you who haven’t visited the Sailor Moon section of Marine Life, you are truly missing something. Somehow I don’t feel I am the only poet who is a helpless romantic. Sailor Moon is also a 14 yr old helpless romantic . (as most teenage girls are) Check out the lyrics which I have put in on the music page and you will see this, especially in “My Only Love” and “Oh Starry Night.”

I have lyrics for most of the songs which are done in the American translation of this wonderful Japanese anime. However, in searching the web I can only find the Japanese romaniczed. (The picture type characters of Japanese translated into arabic letters so they can be pronounced by westerners) The translations I have found into English are very clumsy to say the least. What is needed here is someone who is very familiar with Japanese and English and who is also a poet/songwriter. That person could rewrite the lyrics as has been done for the part of the series which has been translated into English. (There are 5 Japanese ‘seasons’ of Sailor Moon but only two have been translated into English by a company called DIC.)

If there is someone out there who reads this and would like to tackle this project or a song or two, please email me or just roll up your sleeves, translate/rewrite one or two and send them to me via email and I’ll put them up. Meanwhile I will work on putting up some of the poor translations so you can see for yourself and if someone is interested, they can use these to get the idea/theme of the songs.

This could also be done with the Country songs and Sea Shanties if you like. Classical piano however doesn’t have words so lyrics cannot be done for them.

I have linked this to the musicbox. If I have entered lyrics for a song, you will see Eng Lyrics on the left and/or Jap Lyrics on the right at the bottom of the musicbox. Click on that and English or Japanese lyrics will popup. It has one ‘bug’ – It stops the music box and it has to be restarted by selecting Restart the Musicbox in the lyrics window that pops up. The selection will play but it stalls and doesn’t start the next unless you do that click. I am trying to fix this but it is REAL tricky.


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07-08-2006 Jane L.

um.. Maybe i could try! I could get the song and find translated lyrics that are in korean and translate them myself! >.<

04-19-2003 Caitlin M.

Bob could i try. i have a chinese friend who speaks cantonese. I also love singing sailor moon japense songs. Evcen though i don’t what there saying.

04-01-2001 Mary -BrytEyz- Ball