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Farrah Tate

(Age: 37)
South Australia, Australia

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Date Joined: April 1, 2001
Last Bio Update: October 9, 2006

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I learnt the value of creativity first whilst very ill as a child suffering from. Years later I again was faced with some very dark times and conquered these through the soothing hobby of writing. I am very much a novice poet but my passion for writing is immense. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to dedicate as I would like as my Masters keeps me too busy! However 2002 is my last year; I will be praying hard that my health and my physical disability holds up better than last year. People are frequently confused by my poetry as I like to write from the perspective of many ... men as well as women and those of various age groups even though I am only 24 years of age myself. Often I will use "I" when I am referring to the perspective of someone else, simply because I have attempted to see things through their mind's eye. Thanks for reading :)

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13+ 01-20-02 1120 My James Dean
13+ 12-20-01 710 The Puppeteer of Love
4+ 12-19-01 921 True Friendship is not a Rocket Science
18+ 12-10-01 683 Catalyst
18+ 11-27-01 671 Simple so it seems
18+ 11-27-01 816 Transfixed
18+ 11-27-01 925 Regret
13+ 11-27-01 692 Life Beyond the Bubble
10+ 11-27-01 642 September the 11th, 2001
7+ 11-27-01 659 Too Late for Sorry? (For the ATSI people)
13+ 11-14-01 736 As the enigma of youth fades
13+ 11-14-01 648 Discovery
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
10+ 11-14-01 881 Hope
13+ 11-14-01 767 Reality Dawning
18+ 10-04-01 953 The Tomorrow of My Dreams
18+ 07-08-01 1088 Surrealistic Acquaintance
18+ 07-08-01 921 Contemplation Resolution (in three parts)
18+ 07-08-01 1033 Missing You
18+ 07-08-01 966 Good-bye at Last
10+ 07-03-01 1136 She's Like a Sea-shell
18+ 07-03-01 912 How the Other 1/100th Live
18+ 07-03-01 1146 The Scent of a Woman
18+ 07-03-01 987 Leaving
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