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Melissa Jung

(Age: 45)
Texas, United States

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Date Joined: January 27, 2003
Last Bio Update: February 2, 2003

Dues expired on December 1, 2003

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What to say? What to say? Usually the only way I talk about myself is through my writings, and those little tidbits have been hidden from human sight until recently. My last name, which many inquire about, is of German descent. If you are thinking Carl Jung, you would be correct. Although I am not certain there is any true ancestral link. I suppose I could mention that I am from San Antonio, Texas and that I have lived here my entire life. (Yawn) Truthfully, it is a wonderful city and there is never a dull moment if you know where to look. I am not a writer, as some might think...or not. A complete and total chat fiend, yes. A compulsive note taker...true also. But a writer I am not. I do not consider myself an artist either. Although, I am pursuing my degree in digital media and computer animation. (Albeit, slowly.) Where that will take me I am not exactly sure, hopefully somewhere interesting if not fun. Aside from that, I do not believe there is much more that I can openly add without delving into some strange personal psychosis. :)

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