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James D. Fullington

Wisconsin, United States

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Date Joined: May 16, 2001
Last Bio Update: November 30, -0001

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I am Father of eight children, and am retired. My wife and I share 15 grand-children between us. I love to write and have written one book about my life as a police officer.I am now in the process of working on book number two. I write some poetry, but mostly write about my family and the people that I have lost and loved. I write only true storys and most are true and funny things that happen in everyday life. I look forward to writing on this site. I am sure that some of my friends are already here.Hello dear old friends and also hello to the new ones as well.If you see something that you like or dislike about my writes please feel free to e-mail me and we will be glad to assist you or to be assisted. Thanks for droping by.

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18+ 07-07-01 1580 The Funny Things That Policemen Do To Their Fellow Officers
18+ 07-07-01 1709 The Abigail Johns Murders
18+ 07-07-01 1405 Investigate Subject With Black Base Ball Hat.
18+ 07-07-01 1738 Peeping Tom Arrested
18+ 06-30-01 1299 My Name Is Old Glory
18+ 06-07-01 1508 Today I Took My Walk
18+ 06-06-01 1809 Burt Reynolds is in Town!
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18+ 06-05-01 1212 Why I Fired My Best Tech.
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
18+ 06-10-01 1438 She is Beautiful and She is Proud
18+ 06-06-01 1528 Funeral of a Fallen Officer
18+ 06-05-01 1250 As I Looked Down
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